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generations. steve jobs, equally fundamental innovation or more fundamental innovations, produced even greater success for him, and for his shareholders, but there was no comparable, large-scale, middle-class job creation. >> china has named competitiveness and gained shares. it has innovated efficiency as much as any country will. there are fewer countries -- there are fewer workers in chinese manufacturing than there were 20 years ago. comes,, if and when it ofl come from various kinds service work and greater customization. they it is a tragedy that are saying and you are right, that's there is not enough work to do. there areer hand, several million kids in this country who profoundly need and theyl attention are not close to getting it. we do not have a way of bringing the people who want to work together with those. i do not think it is traditional government that will do it and i do not think it will turn the country into a libertarian paradise. >> join me in thanking larry summers. >> pat nixon traveled abroad more than any first lady before her. she accompanied richard nixon to china,
. i have taken clerks from friends like larry silverman, steve williams, people i know, edith jones. just lots of judges i know, people who will call me and say, this is a good person. they know that i do not care which school they went to. it could be lsu or yale. i hire a small percentage from the ivy's. i hire quite a few more from the non-ivy's, simply because they are smart kids. i try to take them from the south. that part of the country. i prefer kids who come from modest circumstances, whose parents did not have all of the benefits or advantages. that is just a preference. i am not going to bring kids in who disagree on printable's. i am not interested in arguing about that sort of stuff. i like kids who are not jerks. [laughter] i require kids to work together and i do not need all of that disruption in my chamber. i have been enormously blessed with the kids i have had. very smart, very pleasant, very hard-working. they brought joy to my life. tomorrow, i will have lunch with about 35. we have monthly lunches. that is one of the monthly high points for me, to see my kids a
where he got to be. steve murdoch asks, was in his newspaper one newspaper person who did was his own father-in-law. >> explained the story. he would criticize his son-in- law. >> this is a long story. >> he is a banker, a businessman. >> doesn't he buy a competing newspaper? >> not that i know of. i believe what the caller is getting to is that he helped to fund an opponent when harding ran for senator. >> he funded another republican newspaper in the town and siphon business away. to call him a newspaper person would be -- he is a banker. he is the father-in-law. he likes being a banker. >> there was a long history. we can talk about the history of florence's first marriage. it was kind of a sad chapter in her life. he did not like her first husband or her second husband. the only got reconciled when his first wife died, the mother of florence. he decided he would make some rapprochement with her. they came back together. it was a difficult relationship for the first years. >> the first seven years, there was nothing. >> yes. it was a difficult time. >> talk about harding's audio. o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3